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Our Services

Key Corporate Research and Investigative Services

We are able to access corporate information and official company documents in most countries throughout the world and using our well established
global network of agents and contacts we are also able to undertake all types of corporate intelligence, open source intelligence, due diligence,
investigative and compliance research. Most importantly all our information is obtained by a fresh investigation, we do not hold databases which may
include outdated information.

Worldwide Company Name Search

Company Documents Name Search - Confirmation that a company name exists at a corporate registry in a particular country or jurisdiction that you nominate.

Company Documents World Wide Name Search - If you are unsure in which country a particular company name is registered, we can help by performing a world wide company name search. For a nominal fee per jurisdiction we will check with any company registry worldwide for confirmation that a company name exists.

Certified Official Document

Official copy of the publicly available corporate document on file for a subject company duly certified by either the relevant corporate registrar or by a notary.

In certain countries there may be a nominal additional charge for this service. We can also arrange a notarisation and apostille service.

Official Registry Extract

An Official Registry Extract is information obtained directly from the official company registry at the relevant jurisdiction detailing the current particulars of a subject company. The content and detail of such official extracts can vary depending on the jurisdiction, however the information contained within the extract is frequently similar to that listed above for a profile report but obtained directly from the official registry source.

Registry Extracts may be provided in varying formats depending on the country of origin and often include official documents in the local language.

Press Media Search

A search to show any positive or negative local and global press and media regarding a specified subject. Press and Media searches can also cover local resources in the official language of the jurisdiction

Official Copy Investigations

Obtaining evidence of the existence of a particular company and independently extracting the filed copies of official corporate documents held at the relevant company registry may be necessary for:

  1. Due Diligence - To satisfy requirements when confirmation of a companys existence is paramount.
  2. Asset Tracing - To ascertain what further details may be disclosed from such company documents, as facts may arise to assist any tracing exercise to be undertaken.
  3. Legal - When official corporate documents may be required for evidential purposes.To satisfy requirements when confirmation of a companys existence is paramount.

Company Registry Investigations can often obtain the following official copy documents where available:

  1. Certificate of Incorporation
  2. Certificate of good standing
  3. Memorandum of Association
  4. Articles of Association
  5. Mortgage or Charge documents
  6. Accounts or financial documents
  7. Register of Directors
  8. Register of Shareholders
  9. Resolutions
  10. Other documents as filed.

Company Profile

A Company Documents profile report will assist you by providing company verification, available company registration details, description and contact information. Due to the varying jurisdictional disclosure requirements the content of the information available will differ depending upon the country of registration. However the following details are frequently available:

  1. Full name of company and suffix e.g. Ltd; Inc; SA; IBC.
  2. Company number; date of incorporation; incorporation agent.
  3. Company status e.g. active/dissolved (and if dissolved the reason & date).
  4. Company registered address and contact details.
  5. Share capital.
  6. Names of directors/officers/principals.
  7. Names of shareholders and their holdings.
  8. Trading activities.
  9. Financial details.

Profile Reports are normally supplied on our formal company header, but may sometimes be provided in varying formats depending on the country of registration.

Individual Company Appointment Search

A search against an individual’s name to discover if the subject has any appointments as either a Director or Shareholder in any company within that specific jurisdiction. Please note that the availability and scope of these searches can differ between jurisdictions.

Property Ownership, Mortgage, Charge

A search against a company or property / address to discover if the subject has any registered mortgage / charge or lien recorded. In law, a charge or lien is a form of security interest granted over an item of property to secure the payment of a debt or performance of some other obligation.

Credit Report

A summary report showing a subject company’s basic details, credentials and business background including contact details and management and available financial information. This report will also show any adverse or negative information for the subject. The information available will vary between jurisdictions as to local availability.

Court, Litigation & Judgment Search

Searches on an individual or a corporate name to show any judgments and current or historic civil or criminal court proceedings listed. The types of courts and availability of records differs between jurisdictions. In some courts it may be only possible to search recent records.

Due Diligence Report

Investigations into individuals or businesses to determine their reputation and their credentials. Due diligence investigations follow multiple avenues to obtain both official recorded data, court research and press / media information. The sources available to us and our local agents for use in due diligence investigations can vary dependent upon the domicile of the subject.

Land Registry Search

Searches to ascertain property ownership in a given jurisdiction. In some jurisdictions land registers can be searched by owner name but in most instances a search will be undertaken against a supplied address.

Bankruptcy And Insolvency Search

A search made by the conveyancer to check whether an individual, company, buyer or a borrower has been, is currently or is about to be declared bankrupt or has ever undergone insolvency proceedings.

Site Visit and Business Verification

A visit in person by our local agents to the address of interest and a number of photographs and report to show the property at this address and if there is any apparent evidence of residence of a person or business in operation.

Asset Search

A search on a corporate name or an individual’s name to attempt to trace any assets, to include any physical assets, monetary and intellectual property.

Company Documents Dispatch and Reporting

Reports and copy documents are normally provided in PDF format and emailed to the client. If you require the original copy documents these can also be dispatched to you by express courier service for a nominal fee.

For more information on any of the above services please contact one of the team. Terms of Business